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A support system built by Africans for African Employees

We are your neighbors and we are here to help. And guess what its totally confidential!

Proactive Emotional Support

A wide range of resources specifically created for life in Africa, focusing on health, finance, relationships at work and at home, available to you and your family 24/7, at the click of a button.

Local Practical Support

Qualified consultants provide unique insights and resources to help employees unburden and address life's challenges, enabling them to focus on work, thereby driving productivity and increasing employee efficiency at work.

Personal Physical Support

Customized fitness programs for your employees, because we understand the importance of living a healthy, active life. Personal fitness trainers available to your employees to cheer them along all the way.

Analytics to drive employee engagement

Our analytics will empower employers to identify employee behavior and trends across the company, enabling your organization to create programs that will drive employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

our services

mobiassist employee assistant

Employee Assistance Program

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mobiassist psychological service

Psychological Services

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mobiassist critical incident report

Critical Incident Support Service

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mobiassist stress


I am stressed! Stop stressing me! Have you ever heard those words or said them

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